Hosting Services

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NuMaps hosts our servers in a great big server centre in Sydney. We can rapidly ramp up services to meet the needs of our customers and perform reviews of our capacity regularly. We provide two main streams of hosting for our clients, and offer these at competitve rates. So why not take advantage of the hosting services we provide?

Map Hosting

If you need to publish or host map data for your organisation you don't need to do it by yourself. Let NuMaps host it for you, either securely for your own use or, if it suits publish it to our network of users. Data can even be made public for anybody to view with our free DemographicDrapes™ browser.

Application Hosting

For any applications that we develop for your company, you have the option of hosting these systems on our servers. By doing so you also gain the benefit of having your application directly link into our DemographicDrapes™ services via our internal network increasing performance.  NuMaps really can be your one stop shop for GIS web applications. 

Service Features Price
Application Hosting

Fully managed

$200 per month

NuMaps does not offer hosting for applications built by third parties.